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Healing people is my life's purpose. I can resonate with you as I’ve got a story too. 

I was first entered into therapy at the age of 15. Following a traumatic event, I was diagnosed with chronic depression and moderate anxiety. 10 years on I had tried every type of traditional conscious mind therapy available. Often the therapy was useful during the treatment, but shortly after it had finished, my mind would become re-cluttered with my past trauma and all my unwanted symptoms would come flooding back.

With being in therapy for so long, I became somewhat of an expert and even ended up studying psychology, finding the human brain fascinating.

My trauma affected me so much I gave myself an auto-immune disease, which was slowly ruining my life. Along with my constant counselling, I knew I needed to do more. My life became devoted to wellness and learning about the inner workings of the mind, and slowly I improved.

Then, something life changing happened - I had hypnotherapy! Processing my traumas allowed me to become myself again. I was finally free of addictions and cripplingly low self-esteem.

After devoting so many years to the research of psychology, trauma and wellness, I decided to qualify and become a hypnotherapist. I wanted to change other people's life's just like mine had been changed.

Becoming a hypnotherapist is the best decision I ever made. 

I hope my story encourages you to open up about your story. We’re all here for a reason, and it is possible to improve your quality of life through hypnotherapy. 



The practice is inclusive and welcomes all without discrimination. No matter what your hypnotherapy needs are, Katrina's core values will always remain at the forefront of treatments.


I promise to care about every issue I am presented with. No problem is 'too small' or 'silly'. I will always care and take client's requests seriously.


You can trust me with your reason(s) for coming to me. I value my clients for trusting me with their concerns and operate with a 'no judgement' policy. I will always keep your information confidential - Data Protection and GDPR guidelines are always followed.


I will always be honest with my clients. If you require more specialist help I will signpost you to the correct and appropriate health care professional. I will never try to help beyond my capabilities and I will never attempt to sell you more sessions than you require.


Giving back to the community is important to me. I will always support my community by donating sessions, allowing free hypnotherapy to be accessed by local charities. 

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