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⸙  Weight Loss
⸙  Weight Gain

As adults, we often use food in a negative way due to past experiences or traumas in earlier life. The traumatic event would be considered the root cause of why you use food in an undesired way. 

Some people comfort eat to replace the comfort that they were neglected as a child. Others use it to fill a void or to punish themselves. Whatever your reason, it doesn't have to continue. 


⸙  Believe you are beautiful
⸙  Confidence 
⸙  Accept your body shape
⸙  Love yourself
⸙  See your beauty

Poor body image often comes from repeatedly hearing that you're not enough, not the desired shape or don't have the desired look. If we hear this enough, naturally we start to believe it. 

Hypnotherapy would be used to re-programme your core beliefs, because you are enough! You deserve to love the way you look and you can.

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