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⸙  Anxiety 
⸙  Depression
⸙  OCD
⸙  Poor Sleep
⸙  Body Dysmorphia
⸙  Hoarding
⸙  Loneliness
⸙  More

As adults, we often develop mental health conditions due to trauma in earlier life. The traumatic event(s) would be considered the root cause of why you have poor mental health. 

To recover from your mental health condition, I would use hypnotherapy to help you process any traumatic events. Once the trauma has been processed, you would then have the capability to be free. 

Techniques on self-soothing would be given during hypnotherapy.



⸙  People pleasing
⸙  Confidence
⸙  Public speaking

⸙  Self belief
⸙  Self worth

⸙  Over Critical
⸙  Fear of Judgement
⸙  Perfectionism 

⸙  Other

As adults, we often develop low self-esteem due to the information we were lead to believe in younger years. If we were constantly told 'you're not good/pretty/smart enough' time and time again, then naturally we start to believe it. Being put down like this would be considered the root cause of why you have low self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy would be used to re-programme your core beliefs, because you are enough! 

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