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They don't have to rule your life anymore!


⸙  Sex
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⸙  Gambling

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⸙  Alcohol


As adults, we often develop addictions due to trauma in earlier life. The traumatic event would be considered the root cause of why you have become addicted. An addiction usually masks uncomfortable feelings, or comforts us in a way that helps us to forget our trauma.

To free you from addiction, I would use hypnotherapy to help you process any traumatic events. Once the trauma has been processed, you would then have the capability to be free from addiction. Hypnotherapy would be used to convince the subconscious mind that the addiction no longer needs to be carried out. New techniques on self-soothing would be given during hypnotherapy, so that you no longer have the need to carry out past addictive behaviours. 



⸙  Smoking

⸙  Nail Biting
⸙  Skin Picking
⸙  Hair Pulling

⸙  Jaw Grinding 

⸙  Other

Habits are often carried out due to feeling negative emotions. For example, many clients report that they bite their nails because they are bored, stressed or tired.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help you deal with the negative emotions, without carrying out your old habit.

Luckily, habits can be unlearnt and new more positive habits can be put in their place.

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