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Group Hypnotherapy

On the second Thursday, of every month at Healing Haven Poole.

Join me, Katrina, at Healing Haven on the second Thursday of every month. You can expect to feel relaxed and held in this safe space where I will guide you in to a deep rest, whilst my soothing words will shape your mind in to thinking and feeling more in line with yourself and how you desire to be. Group Hypnotherapy is designed to propel you in growth, you will come away feeling relaxed with a new zest for the way you live your life. Each month you will discover a new topic, to take you to the next level of feeling your best self.


June Group

You will be lead in to a deep hypnotic relaxation to enable your subconscious mind to open. During the relaxation, your mind will be transported to a beautiful beach where you feel free enough to let go into a deep peaceful rest.

Once you are in this deep hypnotic rest,  I will be guiding the group to have the ability to let go of anxious thoughts and feelings. My words will guide you into believing that you can leave anxieties behind, allowing you to let go of the old notions that were holding you back.

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